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Aluminum Hull

Fairing Work

3 rooms + 2 Restroom
Main Mast + Genoa Sails

Engine 2 X 75HP Diesel or hybrid electric

Genset 2 x 8kw

Bow Thruster

풀옵션  7.75억원 (부가세 별도)
Full Option ​US$704,000-FOB

Power Catamaran

Engine 2 X 550HP Diesel @ 25 knots

풀옵션  8.52억원 (부가세 별도)

Full Option ​US$774,400-FOB


GHI에서 제작한 세일링 카타마란은 크루즈용으로 알루미늄 선체입니다. 한국에서는 주로 유선업<여객선 검사를 받아 차터보트로 사용합니다. 한국의 제주 인천 신안 목포 거제 등에서 우리가 납품한 요트를 만나볼 수 있습니다.


The sailing catamaran manufactured by GHI is a professional chartering cruise and is made of aluminum hull. In Korea, it is mainly used in the cruise ship business, and in addition to the quality of yachts, passenger ships are inspected by the Korean Register of Shipping and delivered to customers. Although we are exporting, you can meet our yachts in Jeju, Incheon, Shinan, Mokpo, Geoje, etc. in Korea.


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