We make every moment of your yachting experience one the most pleasurable and memorable times of your life.


GHI’s composite technology and state of the art steel and aluminum constructions, together with input from the world’s top designers, consultants and suppliers from the United States and Europe blend perfectly to provide clients with vessels that meet or surpass all of their demands.

We are a complete yacht manufacturing facility based in Mokpo, South Korea - With our location on the sea i in the center of North-East Asia, between China and Japan, we are at the strategic gate of Eurasia with convenient acess to the American market.

We are well positioned to meet the needs of yachting clients around the world, and cover all aspects including design, engineering, construction, service and logistics, as well as providing complete service training.

이스탄불 요트쇼 참가

크레인 이동

푸른중공업 내 인테리어샵 작업사진

푸른중공업 내 수조시험을 위한 크레인 이동

세일 카타마란 62피트

세일 카타마란 55피트

이달의 신기술 잡지 인터뷰

세일 카타마란

푸른중공업 내 시운전

GHI YACHT배경 잡지촬영

Interior 3D모델링 작업

Exterior 3D모델링 작업

푸른중공업 하이퀄리티 페인팅 작업 현장

세일 카타마란 40피트

요트 인테리어 잡지 인터뷰

국내 최초로 해외 수출된 요트 Expedition 62

yachgting magazine 인터뷰

세일 카타마란 55 갑판 인테리어

작업중 사진

푸른중공업 내 인테리어샵 가구제작

푸른중공업 작업현장

푸른중공업 작업 현장

잡지 내 디자인 소개


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With our ever expanding knowledge of yacht construction, incorporating the latest technologies with the tried and proven technologies of the past, we pledge to satisfy every question, assist in resolving any problem, and make every moment of your yachting experience one the most pleasurable and memorable times of your life. 

Every GHI Yachts is built with the highest quality materials and components available. While high-quality materials and components are critical, even the best materials can be wasted if the manufacturing processes are not consistently controlled. GHI Yachts commitment to quality assured.

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance awarded GHI Yachts with the ISO 9001 certification in November 2001 (Certificate number SEO 0011031). ISO 9001 certification assures that GHI Yachts processes are documented and controlled to insure consistency, which is an important part of providing quality. 

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